Sunday, July 05, 2015

Great Sand Dunes

When I first stuck pins into the David Imus map of the U.S. above my desk in Seattle, I imagined US 50 with various side trips. But I didn't consider Great Sand Dunes. I guess the notion of going practically to New Mexico on a drive from Seattle to Minneapolis just seemed a little too out of the way. But I woke in Salida to perfect weather and couldn't see any good reason not to.

The drive down the San Luis Valley west of the Sangre de Christos was beautiful. I didn't spend much time at Great Sand Dunes, but I did wander down to Medona Creek, checked out the Visitor's Center, and surprise, took a lot of pictures. I thought about hoofing it over the wide creek and up the nearest dunes, but I knew that would take a lot longer than it looked.  Not that I didn't need the exercise.

The creek was running fast through shifting sand bars, full of children rafting on colorful floaties, but apparently the stream is pretty seasonal and probably looks very different by the end of the summer.

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