Monday, February 18, 2013

Mount Si

I left early, prepared for a gray hike, but hoping that the clouds might break.  From North Bend, there were glimpses of the top, so I figured I stood a chance.  I hit the trail just after 8 and made it to the top two hours later. It might have been a little faster if I'd had those strap-on spiky things on my boots that everyone else had - since the last 3/4 mile was hard packed snow and a little slick.

The summit - or at least the shoulder, which is far as I went - was just barely above the cloud deck.  Mount Rainier was visible to the south, the Olympics were visible to the west, and a few of Seattle's skyscrapers poked through the clouds.  According to my little digital tracker, the four mile climb was roughly equivalent to 360 flights of stairs.

Previous Trip:  Mount Si:  June 2011