Sunday, February 20, 2011

Neah Bay

I hadn't been able to come up with a plan for the long weekend - and the sunshine Saturday morning was driving me crazy - but after coffee and much waffling, I asked D if he was up for a long day. He was, so despite a late start we headed west. The wind was strong - and cold - but it was strongest crossing the Sound from Edmonds. By the time we hit the beaches west of Port Angeles the wind was gone and the temperatures were fine. We had a 2:45PM lunch in Neah Bay, then headed out to Cape Flattery and the beaches to the south. I suppose if we'd left earlier, we would have had time for the hike to Shi Shi Beach, but today we would have been hiking back out well after dark. Maybe next time. We had pizza at Gordy's in P.A. and were back in Seattle around 11PM after not quite making the ferry we wanted.

In August, I watched the sun rise from the country's top right hand corner (West Quoddy Head). Today, we came pretty close to watching it set from the top left. And what an incredible day! Especially for February.

Crescent Beach

Coming back from Vancouver, we got off the highway and looped out through Crescent Beach. The rain had let up a little and the sun was peaking through and there was a great rainbow over the town (not great enough to show up well in pictures). We picked up our Canadian contraband (three boxes of Viva Puff cookies) at a White Rock grocery store before heading back across the border. We had a 10PM dinner with the team at Red Robin in Bellingham and got home around 1AM.


The Garfield team was at the state high school chess championships in Blaine on Friday and Saturday, so after dropping D and the others at the tournament on Saturday morning, M and I drove across the border and into a particularly bleak early February day in Vancouver. We parked at the big garage next to the River Rock Casino in Richmond and took the Canada Line into the city. We walked a little bit downtown -- long enough to find sushi for lunch on Granville -- but mainly we just rode the Sky Train all over the city on our $9 day passes.


It's a five minute walk from the UW Tacoma Campus down to the Foss Waterway, so a lunch break is enough time for coffee and a quick walk. There's a great mixture of old and new down here - it's also what I really like about the UW Tacoma campus - and today I was seeing patterns and textures in the built landscape.

Mount Vernon

There wasn't a whole lot of light left, but it doesn't take long to get from I-5 up to the top of Little Mountain, and it seemed like the perfect day for it. There are great view points off both sides - looking south over the Skagit Delta and north over Mount Vernon and Samish Bay.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Stevens Pass

It's been at least two or three years since D and last skied and as usual, I was convinced I'd either have forgotten how or that my aging body would break. As it was, joints and muscles worked fairly well and although my knees were awfully stiff after the drive back, they didn't feel too bad the next day. We spent the day with J&R, and with Will, once his lesson was over. He pretty much called the routes - though we had to talk him out of some of his more ambitious plans.

I guess every year my postings take a dip around the holidays - this has been a particularly long gap. Things get busy - both at work and at home We launched the kitchen remodel. And when I do take pictures, they are family pictures at Thanksgiving and Christmas and sometimes I hesitate to post those shots.