Thursday, August 21, 2008


This year we checked out the Rock Salt in Fulford. We liked it so much, we came back the next night with the kids (they're hardly kids anymore) - foregoing our usual visit to Auntie Pesto's in Ganges (which replaced the even better Bouzouki's several years ago). Rock Salt is right at the ferry landing - try the Bangkok Tacos and the Mojitos.

Saltspring Island

Back to Green Acres again for a week that ranged from gray and wet to hot and muggy, but which was enjoyed by all. Last year I spent it with whooping cough (or something with similar symptoms); this year M spent it with a broken toe (or something with similar symptoms); next year we will all be healthy. The TV stayed in the closet - most of the time - which leads to a better week, even if it means missing the Olympics every four years. We got to the Raven Market in Fernwood and to Rock Salt in Fulford, to the Saturday Market in Ganges, and to Get Smart at the Fitz. I visited Beddis Beach one morning before breakfast and managed several visits to Salt Spring Coffee. But mainly, we hung out at the beach and in the boats.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Thunderbird Stadium

This week, Vancouver is hosting the 2008 World Ultimate (and Guts - frisbee dodgeball - clearly a male invention) Championships. I guess it is held every four years, matching the Olympics, but so far, Ultimate hasn't been made official. So no crowds, cheap tickets, and no need to go to Beijing. We swung by UBC returning from fireworks and watched the U.S. womp the Finns in one of the week's early games. And then at the end of the week, on the way to Saltspring, we swung by and watched the Americans (the Sockeye team from Seattle) beat the Japanese in the semifinals.


Every year, we go back to the Sylvia and to English Bay for the fireworks. This year the weather started a little gray but kept getting better all day. A huge crowd, as usual, but we had front row seats, as usual.

The seawall was reopened so we did our regular loop, then D headed off for the room and the TV, while I rented a kayak down at the beach for an hour or two.