Thursday, August 30, 2012

Green Acres

Some years I come up with really interesting and creative shots of the lake - not this year!  But it was a great week. The weather was warmer than usual.  The bugs were few.  The other guests were the same old crowd - which is exactly as we like it

Salt Spring Island

This year, we stayed closer to Green Acres.  A sore back discouraged me from taking kayak out to salt water, nice weather gave us little reason to wander from the lake, and a concerted effort to save money reduced the number of trips to town for expensive meals.

In addition, I found myself taking far fewer pictures. Maybe it was an intentional retreat from the excess of previous years.  Maybe it was that some of the subjects seemed fairly similar and not worthy of more shots.  But regardless, I came back with relatively few shots from which to choose for this post.

The island was as wonderfully pleasant as it always is - and with this week's weather, maybe even more so.  Other than the visit to Windsor Plywood for a fan and the standup paddle boards at the lake, I don't think we did a single thing new this year!


Our August routine has continued for fifteen years!  We head up to the south side of Vancouver on Friday -- usually Richmond or Tsawwassen.  That way we get the border out of the way, have a nice dinner, and get to play on the water slide at the Sandman.  And then Saturday morning, we all get together in the line for the ferry, mill around drinking coffee and eating gelato, and then sail to Salt Spring, arriving in Ganges a little before the vendors at the Saturday Market start breaking down their booths.  We leave a week later at about the same time.

La Conner

A few of weeks ago M and I came up here for a getaway.  We had dinner at Seeds and couldn't help but notice the enormous cream puffs in the pastry case.  Of course, we were not tempted at all and just walked away.  I suppose the fact that we were already stuffed helped.

But on Friday on the drive up to Canada, just a couple of weeks later, we found ourselves thinking that La Conner wasn't really that far out of the way and that it had been at least a couple of hours since lunch.  And of course, we had an undernourished child to provide for...