Sunday, May 16, 2010


Sunday seemed like a better evening to celebrate M's birthday than Monday (the real day), so we headed for Ray's. Despite today's high overcast, the weather was beautiful and the late afternoon sun was great. M & I both adhered to the seafood theme, while D, quite predictably, found the beef.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Milwaukee Road

The old Milwaukee Route over Snoqualmie Pass hasn't seen a train in many decades and is now the Iron Horse trail (or alternatively, the John Wayne Trail). I parked at the Cedar Falls trailhead and rode ten miles or so up the valley before turning around. It was a beautiful morning with dog walkers in the first couple miles, occasional bicycles like me, and climbers up on the rocks near the Change Creek and Hall Creek trestles.

Because its a railroad, the grade is gradual and the turns sweeping. But it means it is a long gradual climb one way and a long easy ride back down. The highlights are the trestles - not counting the big tunnel at the top (but that was beyond today's reach and is closed right now anyway). It's cool to see I-90 winding up the valley below, but it also means there's always a gentle roar in the background.


I dropped D at Marymoor and then headed off in search of a bike ride. By way of a drive through Fall City and Snoqualmie, places I haven't explored in many years. Besides Snoqualmie Falls, I checked out some of the old railroad relics - some nice geared locomotives and some rolling stock, most of it desperately in need of a some tender loving care. I'm sure that keeping a vintage engine in good condition, especially out in the weather, is an awful lot of work.

Sunday, May 09, 2010


Another weekend spent in Mount Vernon area, this time for two days while the Garfield HS team competed at the Western Regionals. The weather was great, if not sweltering - at least by northwest standards (in the 70s). There was lots of great Ultimate - some of it even by our team - although in the end there were plenty of stronger clubs.

M and I managed to have a pleasant lunch at the Calico Cupboard on Saturday and there was even a brief acknowledgment of Mother's Day by the team during a time out on Sunday morning, but we also spent time running back and forth from Safeway and Costco to buy drinks and snacks and hanging out on the sidelines doing the normal parent cheering and chatting.