Sunday, February 05, 2012

Whidbey Island

Everyone says that February weekends in western Washington are bleak and depressing.  People can't wait for spring (then they complain about that, too).  Saturday might have been just another cold, dark, drizzly northwest winter day.  Conventional wisdom be damned.

The first Saturday of February always brings me up to Whidbey Island for Sound Waters.  I watched the sun rise from Possession Point, then headed to Langley to listen to Joe Gaydos talk about the role of science in Puget Sound restoration.  I spent the rest of the morning entertaining (I hope) a small classroom with pictures and explanations of local beaches.

Sometimes I stay for the afternoon sessions, sometimes I don't.  This year, the remarkably pleasant weather was too much to resist and I headed off in search of new and interesting beaches.   I probably logged three or four miles of sand and cobble before ending up at West Beach to watch the sun set over the Olympics.