Saturday, October 08, 2016

Salthill Prom

After a couple of days in the wilds of Connemara, it seemed like time to head back into the city for a day. We had rearranged our original schedule a little in order to see the Trad on the Prom show at the Galway Bay Hotel on Sunday night - and maybe see a little more of Galway in the process.

The show, and our B&B, were in Salthill, on the west side of Galway. We arrived later in the afternoon, checked into our place, and went for a walk on the Salthill Promenade (the Prom). Salthill is on the beach looking south over Galway Bay toward County Clare (where we're headed next). It's definitely a classic British/Irish beach community -- so for me it gets cataloged on this trip with Portrush and Bray.

We had an early evening dinner at the Fisherman - we went for the two-person seafood platter. This seemed a little ambitious at first, but we dealt it with very efficiently. From there, we headed for the atrium of the Galway Bay Hotel for a beer (me, at least) and to read and watch the rain and wind on the windows before lining up for the show at 9.

Trad on the Prom is a great review of traditional Irish music, organized and performed by talented musicians and dancers, some well-established, some newer. The audience was large and clearly catered to organized tourist groups, so not as intimate as listening to a few musicians in a pub, but we really enjoyed it.

I walked the Prom again on Monday morning - high tide and a few sun breaks - before breakfast and a walk through Galway itself.

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