Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Ballinskelligs Beach

Ballinskelligs was our base for three days exploring the western end of the Iveragh Peninsula. There was a beach, an old abbey, and the remains of a castle all within ten minutes or so of our B&B and I suspect I'll drag a post out of each, so expect several posts with Ballinskelligs in the title. Also, because we visited each of these multiple times, photos of the same thing may come from different days.

Despite rumors to the contrary, it is not true that our trips are completely built around beaches. Having said that, Balllinskelligs had a nice one. Of course, I'll drag out the story over on Gravel Beach, too. It was really two beaches - a long sandy that curves off to the east and a smaller one on the spit that connects the priory and the castle.

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