Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Dingle (Part Two)

More Dingle, maybe a bit more focused on the town itself. We spent two days at a B&B just west of  town. It was a ten minute walk from into the center of town and the harbor, which we did several times. Dingle is probably best known for its pubs and music scene. We were able to enjoy some of this, but also realized there's an art to finding a place in a pub when hundreds of tourists and dozens of locals are all trying to squeeze inside.

We  didn't visit the aquarium, and we didn't take a harbor boat trip, so we didn't get to meet Dingle's middle-aged pet dolphin, Fungie. But we had a great dinner at the Charthouse one night and dinner and music at John Benny's the next. Somewhere along the way we had ice cream at Murphy's - which started here and has two Dingle stores, but which also has a Dublin branch (where we also stopped).

Dingle was a reminder that bright colors are always brighter and more colorful when the sun breaks through the clouds. Which it did once and awhile.

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