Wednesday, October 26, 2016


It was probably less than an hour on the motorway from Powerscourt to the Dooley Rental Car office at the Dublin Airport, but we decided to go out to Howth before returning the car.
Howth is on a peninsula on the north side of Dublin Bay. To get there, you have to navigate a lot of suburban Dublin, but Howth itself still maintains some sense of being a small fishing town. We walked back along the quay, watching fishing boats and seals, and had a good seafood lunch at Octopussy.

We  looped around the peninsula, looking for views back toward Dublin (not a city with a spectacular skyline), then I let M and Siri navigate us back to DUB, where we returned the car and caught a bus into the city.

We put over 1700 miles on our Dacia Duster. No bruises, no dents (not to which we'd admit), no flat tires (but one slow leak). We only drove on the right side of the road a couple of times, which we corrected quickly, but it seemed like most of the roads we drove on were too narrow to have either a right side or a left side. But after two weeks of gritting our teeth and grabbing the strap, it was nice to be back on public transit.

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