Saturday, March 18, 2017

Seattle Waterfront

The upgrade of Seattle's waterfront is well underway. The seawall construction has been working its way north - it's now complete from the south end north past the aquarium and the activity is centered on Piers 62/63. This is one of my favorite spots in Seattle - sort of a big open deck looking out on the Sound and the Olympics - although it was completely closed off for the construction and one of these pictures shows it. I think they're planning to capitalize on this space when the larger waterfront project happens in a few years.

South of the aquarium, the viaduct still dominates the waterfront, but Bertha will emerge later this spring (we hope) near Seattle Center, and once the new tunnel is done, the viaduct will be history. That will set the stage for the re-imagined waterfront. There will still be a major boulevard, but I think folks will be amazed how much nicer the area will be with the concrete edifice removed.

There's already some neat work going on to open up the side of the Market that faces the water - and a lot more stuff to come. Although I suppose it will still be many years.

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