Monday, March 20, 2017

Longfellow Creek

Longfellow Creek drains the eastern portions of West Seattle. The western side drains straight to the Sound, while Longfellow flows to the tide flats below Pigeon Point, or it once did, since now it must follow a pretty tortuous path out to the Duwamish. But upstream the neighborhoods have been hard at work restoring the creek and building trails and parks.

The Dragonfly Pavillion is a wonderful piece of public art - a metal sculpture perched over a larger concrete rimmed garden also shaped like a dragonfly. And it looks down over the valley of the creek - the section between the West Seattle Golf Course and the Nucor Steel Plant. But you'd never know, walking along the trail and across the Salmon Bone Bridge among the trees.

Both the dragonfly and the bridge are by Lorna Jordan.

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