Thursday, May 10, 2018

Cama Beach

There's no one place on Puget Sound I seem to come back to more often than Cama Beach. It's convenient - not too far and no ferry. I've been involved with the place in a number of ways, both through work and on my own. And the more I get to know it, the more I enjoy coming back. This year I've been here with colleagues, with classes of adults, and with a bunch of high schoolers, and usually for work. This time, I had come up to the island to help with a workshop in the morning, but now I was on my own time.

The weather was far from ideal, but there was plenty of activity. Both among the guests and the volunteers down at the Center for Wooden Boats. I wandered down the beach to check out a couple of new landslides, along with a couple of old ones. But then came back to the boathouse. I love working with wood, but I find it easier to stick to straight lines and safer to stick to projects that can't sink. I suppose I could try to learn.

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