Friday, September 15, 2017


Our three week trip was sort of a big inverted triangle, with weekends spent at the vertices. Seattle, Madison, Taos, and back to Seattle. As usual, I took an awful lot of pictures, except, it appears, in Madison.

Apparently, we arrived in Madison the same weekend as many UW (Wisconsin) students, so it's probably a good thing we weren't staying in the Hampton downtown where we've been the last couple of trips. This time we stayed on the west side of town nearer to where D lives.

We arrived the same day as a couple of friends who were surprising him - and we took everyone to dinner at Dottie's Dumpling Dowry when we got into town Friday night.  On Saturday we toured Taliesen (a subsequent post) and on Sunday we visited Cave of the Mounds. We also celebrated his recent birthday - Mom even whipped up a batch of dirt cake. Traditions are traditions.

Madison has a great network of bike trails (most old railroad grades) - some of which I explored in a big loop on Saturday morning. There's one spot in Fitchburg, on the southwest side of Madison, where multiple trails intersect - apparently referred to as the VeloUnderound. A bike traffic circle with another bike path going overhead on a trestle.

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