Thursday, September 21, 2017

Lake City

Lake City is tucked into a deep valley a long way from pretty much anything. We arrived on Monday evening, at the end of the Labor Day weekend, and were warned that the hordes from the previous days might have eaten most of the food in town. We ended up at the Cannibal Grill and finding food didn't seem to be a problem.

The drive from Taos had been very pretty, but long, including both Wolf Creek and Slumgullion Passes. Coffee for me in Pagosa Springs. A quick drive-by tour of Creede. And some great views of the uppermost reaches of the Rio Grande Valley.

We stayed at the North Face Lodge - the layout of a motel, but the trappings of a lodge. I felt it would have been particularly convenient if we could have parked our dirt bikes or our jeeps right outside the door. The bakery, just down the hill, was exactly what we needed the next morning. Although there were signs warning of bears, there was nothing about not feeding the dog. The very patient and ultimately successful dog.

This spring, I had wondered if there might be a scenic short-cut from Lake City over to Ouray and Silverton - a short distance as the crow flies - but found that although there were roads, they were for real off-road vehicles, not tourists in Outbacks. So the next day we took the long way around.

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