Monday, April 16, 2018


I signed up for my first group bike ride a month or two ago, motivated by the idea of riding on some normally forbidden stretches of highway (though very familiar ones). The 12-mile Emerald City Ride began near the stadiums, climbed to the viaduct and took 99 north through the Battery Street Tunnel and all the way across the Aurora Bridge. Then it cut across the north end of Lake Union past Gasworks, before heading back up the hill to join the I-5 Express Lanes for the trip back downtown.

Did I mention that it was was cool, wet, and very gray. But that despite the weather and the early Sunday morning hour, 6000 people turned out in in a wide variety of fluorescent colors.

They probably can't repeat this ride next year - since the viaduct should be gone by then. It sure better be.

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