Monday, April 16, 2018


Some nice weekends in March (yes, it's now mid-April) got me out on the bike (as opposed to inside on the bike, of which there's been quite a bit this winter). These photos include two rides a week apart - one to Carkeek and Ballard, the other to Discovery Park.

So far, the bike thing has stuck. My accident last fall cut out a month of good fall riding and left me a little squeamish about riding in the real world, where bad pavement and automobiles have consequences, but I think I've gotten beyond that. The scariest thing now is the clipless pedals I've been using since January, but so far I've usually remembered to unclip before stopping.

A bulk of my miles since the New Year have been on an pretty neat high-tech indoor setup. Maybe at some point, I'll post some pictures of my rides in Watopia!

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