Saturday, January 21, 2017

False Creek

We remember False Creek from Expo back in 1986. Since then, much of the surrounding area has been transformed, although a few big vacant parcels still remain. Creekside is the new development that began with the 2010 Olympic Village, at the southeast corner of the now-tamed estuary.

I like the shoreline along here and have mentioned it elsewhere, but the development itself left us uninspired -- and listening to the spiel at the Presentation Center didn't change that. Not that we we had any real interest to start with.

False Creek: October 2011
Vancouver: August 2010
And on Gravel Beach:
Creekside: October 2011

There's an Earnest Ice Cream on 2nd, which was good in a Molly Moon's sort of way. Interesting flavors and good ingredients, but expensive. Based on limited experience, I would suggest that the best ice cream in Vancouver is still gelato (several options), but probably important to keep checking out more places!

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