Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Guiness Storehouse

Right up there with Kilmainham Gaol for tourists is the Guinness Brewery. The original storehouse has been converted into a bit of a stout-oriented theme park.

The first floor is mainly a large gift shop for all things Guinness. Arthur would be proud, or maybe shocked. We worked our way upwards through the various levels learning a little about how Guinness is brewed, before ending up on the 6th level, where they offer lessons in how it is poured. I skipped the lesson on pulling a correct draught (something about letting it sit for two minutes before topping it off). The lines were pretty long and I figured I'd never have to draw it from the tap myself. I can have the bartender pull the draft for me, or I can open a bottle.

There's a circular, glass-walled lounge perched on top of the storehouse where you get your complementary (comes with admission) beer poured and can look out over Dublin.  Dublin has well more than a million people, but few buildings that rise higher than this 7th floor bar.

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