Saturday, August 20, 2016

Mount Tuam

I spent a lot of time this year commuting down to the Fulford area near the south end of the island. On Monday, I drove to the end of Mountain Road and then worked my way back until I found the trailhead for the hike up Mount Tuam. Nothing was marked (that I could see), but with some route finding I managed to find my way to the top. Or as close to the top as you can get without climbing the fence that surrounds the big navigation radar.

The south side is largely free of trees and the views east, south, and west are spectacular. I felt I was looking directly down on the boats coming out of Swartz Bay.

Portions of the southern slopes of Mount Tuam are an ecological preserve and I suspect there are benefits from not having too many people trampling the grassy slopes near the top. This also looked like a very dry, fire prone landscape - maybe that's what maintains the open meadows.

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