Sunday, April 03, 2016


We did an Epic drive-by way back last June when we visited Madison (Verona: June 2015), but this time D spent a couple of hours showing us the grounds and the buildings.  Wow - probably feels like Redmond when Microsoft moved to town. Epic moved out to Verona a number of years go and has been building ever since. There were construction cranes all over the north end of the site, building what looked like a modern version of Hogwarts.

Did I mention that this place is epic! The architectural style is pretty eclectic. All sorts of different styles and themes. There's an enormous amount of whimsical art on display. There were dragons and cowboys and slides. I suppose it's all a reflection of a desire to amuse the demographics of the young techs who flock here, the personalities of the people who run the place, and the burgeoning demand for medical records software!

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