Monday, November 18, 2013

Ocean Beach

Ocean Beach lies at the mouth of the San Diego River and was centrally located enough to the conference in Mission Valley and to my excursion the following days that I think I passed through three or four different times, both at night and during the day.

A friend who knows beer better than I pointed us to the Pizza Port, where they must have had several dozen taps running. We tried several (flights of small ones) before heading over for fish tacos at the South Beach Bar and Grill.

I guess every beach town needs to have a unique pier and Ocean Beach has one that slopes down from the bluff before spltting into a "T" at the end. The town is a little unusual in that the street grid was 45 degrees to the beach - which creates sort of nice geometry of park space. And it even has its own Dog Beach, a sand bar that runs across the mouth of the river, or whatever's left of the river.

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Todd S Hass said...

Interesting. I didn't consciously realize there was a ~45 degree street alignment in relation to the beach downtown during my week there in 2012. The neighborhood did seem like it had a homier, more integrated feel with the shore...perhaps that's why!