Thursday, June 28, 2012

Yellowstone Lake

I'd dreamed for months of a chance to finally explore the beautiful spits on the lake (Gravel Beach 2007) - I had even thought about bringing my kayak or renting a boat.

The reality was that we came through Cody pretty late in the afternoon and there were few options for staying in the park.  So we drove right on through, while I stewed about the beautiful weather, the lack of crowds, and those elegant gravel barrier beaches.  I did get one spit stop right along the road.  D stayed in the car, but I spent 20 minutes with my camera and an empty beach.  I even skipped stones.

We had a nice, but very slow and very expensive dinner in Grant Village, and then drove past the Tetons silhouetted against a late evening sky.  Some day I'll come back and walk more of the beaches.

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