Friday, August 18, 2017

White Rock

This is a bit of an experiment, trying a new App to let me use Blogger from my iPad (a perennial obstacle to posting while traveling and a reminder of how frustrating it can be when a large company - like Google - fails to continue to support an application despite a large base of users).

We always begin our Salt Spring week with a Friday drive north across the border - makes Saturday morning more pleasant before heading for midday ferry in Tsawwassen. We have tried Tsawwassen and Richmond, but this year we got an AirBnB just north of the border in White Rock. We drove out to Crescent Beach for dinner at The Cabin.

Saturday morning I rode back out to Crescent Beach on my bike in a big loop that included the beach at White Rock and the Peace Arch.

Now the test. Can I add photos to the post? If this works, maybe I'll add some more comments on my blogging mechanics in a future post.

NOTE: 6 October. Although I could successfully post from my iPad, the results were poor. The process was frustrating and clumsy, managing the photos was difficult, and the process was far from transparent. Ultimately, I revisited the posts later, swapped out the photos, and cleaned up some details. Blogger remains a desktop endeavor.

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