Friday, July 28, 2006

Market Street

M&D headed off for San Francisco last week, while I stayed in Seattle getting some work done. I suspect they had more fun than I did.

D got introduced to the Market Street chess scene. I understand there was money involved, though not enough for it to count as a summer job. Maybe if he juggles on the side.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Route 192

We've headed back to the Radisson outside Disney, figuring it made a good staging area for today's trip over to Titusville to watch the Shuttle launch. And if they scrub the launch, we know the pool is a good one.

Last night we went back to Joe's (first one since Louisville) and then played mini-golf (something we've done many times this trip). Even the evening was still hot and muggy.

Berkeley Prep

Last day of the camp. As far as we know, no kids were permanenty misplaced, not more than half a dozen got sick, and most got to bed by 3 this morning. Impressive to see the line up grandmaster coaches, including Kaidanov, Shulman, Onischuk and DeFirmian (in picture playing bughouse with D the previous evening), at the final ceremony.

In the Kolty "B" section, there was a four-way tie for first in the camp tournament. The Washington delegates had to play each other in the last round (travel 3000 miles to play someone you've played every year since 2nd grade!). They agreed to a draw after six moves!

I thought it was appropriate that D got to play at Berkeley, which appears to have been built in part on the fortunes of the Yankees (a Steinbrenner philanthropy).