Thursday, May 21, 2009

West Seattle

A gorgeous Sunday morning to celebrate M's birthday with brunch at Salty's, where they definitely serve too much food and we definitely felt obliged to get the most out of our visit. Next time we'll bring our roller blades and skate off the calories cruising down to Alki Beach. Wait, we don't have roller blades.


It was an awfully busy week, but the workshop went great, and it was still possible to wander out to the beach now and then for a reality check. The weather might have been better, but occasionally the mountains peeked out and it only rained hard for a few hours. It just happened to be the few hours of the field trip.

Alderbrook was a pretty ideal place to host a workshop on Puget Sound shorelines, though I suspect it only worked because the economic crunch made a great group deal possible. I doubt M&I could ever justify coming back on our own at the regular rates! I guess we could camp down at Twanoh or over at Belfair, but it wouldn't be quite the same.