Sunday, April 25, 2010

Skagit Delta

We decided to drive D and a friend up to Burlington for the second day of Spring Reign (the largest youth Ultimate event in the world?). We dropped them at Skagit River Park for the flying saucer festival and headed for the Rhododendron Cafe for brunch - where the wait wasn't too bad. From there we went south to La Conner, where we wandered 1st Street and the waterfront without buying anything (well, I bought coffee, but no expensive artwork, tempting ceramics, or fine wood furniture). Then back to the tournament to watch Garfield pull out a win in their final game.

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Nine hours in a cramped basement office was enough, so I grabbed my bike and rode down the hill. The goal was exercise, after all I did have to ride back up the hill to get home, but of course I had the camera along, too. A shoreline park, industrial design, some color, and late afternoon sun.

Gasworks was always sort of a high risk notion for a public park. Industrial waste and something resembling a big jungle gym. They use fences and signs to keep people away from the contaminated dirt and the rusting climbing equipment. It's still a great view of downtown and a great place to fly kites - not that I've ever actually done that here. And there's probably something appropriate about visiting it on Earth Day - a reminder that just because we've messed things up for a long time, it's never too late to clean our rooms.

M & I almost got married here, 19 years ago next month, but it was threatening rain so we had the ceremony in the living room instead.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Lopez Island

Monday was Whidbey Island; Tuesday was Lopez Island. Long days, but I always enjoy the Beach Watchers classes (hope they enjoy them, too). We wrapped up at Spencer Spit a little after 4PM on Tuesday. I decided I could catch the later ferry, which left time to pick up a sandwich and head for Agate Beach and Iceberg Point. I had never visited the latter - the closest I'd come had been passing it in a boat a few years ago. I didn't quite have the place to myself, but it was awfully close. The Olympic Peninsula was clouded in, but the weather was beautiful.