Monday, August 27, 2007

Channel Ridge

This year I finally figured out where the trail takes off from the Channel Ridge development above Vesuvius and wandered down to the viewpoint. What a great view of the St. Mary Lake and Green Acres. With binoculars, I could watch M chatting on shore and D playing around the dock, and I could hear the kids yelling and screaming. From the cabins, you can forget you're near salt water, but from up here you can see the other islands and I could even see parts of the Vancouver skyline over Galiano.

Green Acres

Saltspring Island. It is really neat to have one place we keep coming back to every summer. The weather was a bit cooler this year (it's been a strange summer) but we got several really nice days and some of us don't mind jumping in the lake when it's cloudy.


Back to Vancouver and the Sylvia Hotel for fireworks, bike riding, and food. For the tenth year in a row, we set up our front row seats on the beach. This year's pyrotechnics were provided by the Canadian team. We couldn't ride the entire loop around Stanley Park this year since it is still closed between Siwash Rock and the Lion's Gate Bridge from last December's storm.