Wednesday, February 19, 2014

La Push

M was heading off to Ivar's for brunch with friends on Sunday, leaving me looking for a diversion. So I drove to the ocean. The ride out to the coast was remarkably nice, given how stormy it had been the night before, and how miserably wet it would be later in the day when I was driving back. There were patches of blue sky and a lot of fresh snow on the hills. Lake Crescent was beautiful.

It was four hours and a ferry ride and 150 miles of driving, but I was probably on Third Beach by the time the gang back in Seattle made their second trip back for lox and curried mussels. I was on Second Beach when they were dipping their strawberries in the chocolate fountain. And when they were paying their bill, I was sitting in my car in La Push eating a convenience store sandwich and potato chips as the next storm rolled in.  It was pouring and windy all the way home.

It was a neat day. But I should come back sometime in nice weather when the tide is low - and maybe even bring M!

Sunday, February 09, 2014

Ebey's Landing

I think my favorite stretch of road on Puget Sound is this short stretch of Hill Road just south of Ebey's Landing. The road winds up the hill, just in from the edge of the bluff, and curves away into the trees. The views north toward Perego's Lagoon and the Strait are always spectacular and the forest perched above the high bluffs is quintessential Puget Sound.

Whidbey Island

It was the first Saturday of February, so that means I was on Whidbey Island for Sound Waters. As always, good talks, a bunch of familiar people, and just a lot of positive energy.  I performed my part and stayed around until early afternoon, but the sunshine was pulling me outside. The event (500+ again this year) was held at the Oak Harbor HS, so I pulled out of the parking lot past all the folks arriving for the Seahawks rally and turned right - 10 minutes later I was already parked and walking on the beach.

I walked 2-3 miles below the bluffs on West Beach before heading back to the car and working my way down the island.  My last stop, before racing off for the ferry, was at Fort Casey and the Admiralty Head Lighthouse.