Tuesday, August 06, 2019


This blog remains in hibernation (see previous post), but I thought it would be a good place to let a few longtime followers know about an upcoming adventure.

These photos are from last week's three day ride from Portland to Seattle.

In two weeks, I will fly back to Brunswick, Maine, and then I plan to ride my bike back to Seattle.  The idea is that I will be back across the Cascades by mid-October and bad weather. I suppose this will be a little different than the normal road trip - much longer, with more time for introspection and less opportunity for side trips.

I won't be posting here, but I will be documenting the trip on both Instagram and Tumblr, which are both much easier when on the road with nothing but a smart phone.

Instagram is for sharing photos and brief notes. It offers very little structure, but it's easy for me to post and it facilitates interaction for those who want it. By the way, I love knowing people are watching, but I tend not to acknowledge or reciprocate very well.
Instagram (Hugh@gravelbeach)

Tumblr. Hopefully, I can produce an interesting record of the trip. There will probably be too much information for some folks; too little for others. And I have no idea whether I can maintain any consistency over the course of the trip. But the focus will be primarily on daily updates (as best I can) and photos.
BikeTrip2019: Backroads and Bikepaths

I may or may not continue to stay active on the other Tumblr blogs (see links in sidebar). The main focus for almost two months will be on safely completing the bike trip and while I want to document it and to share it, I don't want those tasks to diminish the experience.