Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Dionisio Point

Dionisio Point is the northeastern tip of Galiano Island. I had seen pictures and checked it out on the map and it looked like a wonderful place to visit, if I could get there. The Provincial Park is cut off from the rest of Galiano Island by some large swaths of private property, so its official designation is "marine access only." But that doesn't mean you can't get there without a boat. The bike not not only made it possible, but added to making this place the highlight of my little Galiano adventure.

I spent a few hours exploring its rocky points and beaches - the centerpiece of which is a beautiful tombolo (a spit that connects two islands). There was also a nice little pocket beach farther west, below the old (and large) native village site of Quelus'.

Dionisio Point itself marks the southern entrance into Porlier Pass. The sandstones, typical of the Gulf Islands, weather into fascinating shapes and patterns (this kind of honeycomb texture in rocks is called tafoni). 

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