Friday, August 18, 2017

Galiano Island

This year I decided to mix up the Saltspring routine by spending a couple of days on another island. I left M with ample support staff and took the car, the boat, and the bike on the early Monday morning ferry. I camped at Montague Harbor and spent the two days checking off a long list of beaches, home keys, paddles, and bike rides. I arrived back in Sturdies Bay Tuesday evening for the 8:55 boat feeling I'd gotten a great introduction to the island (and that my advance work had paid off). 

I'll post a little more about specific places in subsequent entries, but this post is just an attempt to capture the overall gist of the adventure. Which began, right off the ferry, at the Sturdies Bay Bakery. Then it was off to Morning Beach, a couple of more public road end shore access points, and a hike up Mount Galiano. From there, I headed down to the beach at Mathews Point and to Bellhouse Point, both of which I'd been eyeing from the ferry for twenty years. I found my reserved walk-in campsite and set up the tent, then took the kayak out for a hour or two. Dinner was at the Montague Harbor Marina (The Crane and Robin). Sunset was from Shell Beach.

I broke camp early on Tuesday morning, stopped for coffee and a cinnamon bun at the Bakery (I was going to try something different, but my first choice wasn't open yet). Then to the north end of the island to see if it was true that I could get to Dioinisio Point without a boat. I switched out the bike for the car and rode the last 8 kms - more on this adventure later. Bodega Ridge, not far away, was easier and perhaps better, than Mount Galiano. I followed it with a drive to the very north end of Porlier Pass Road with several stops on the shore along the way.

I went back to Montague Harbor and rinsed off the day's sweat at Shell Beach, then hung out at the Hummingbird Pub for a couple of hours. I'd made good work of the two days and had plenty of time left to wander around Sturdies Bay wishing the ice cream place was still open. The Salish Raven (brand new boat) takes its time getting back to Long Harbor (stops at Mayne and Pender), but I was back to Geeen Acres by 11:15.

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