Saturday, January 06, 2018

Seattle Center

Since we were Seattle tourists, we felt we should check out Seattle Center. We took the monorail, of course, which is a little dated now but still a cool way to get from downtown to Seattle Center. The 55-year old glimpse of the future provides a nice view of all the new construction going on north of downtown. There are construction cranes everywhere. But no more monorails than there were in 1962!

The Chihuly Glass Exhibit was great and the sunshine made the Garden particularly nice.  I admit that here's something weird (by no means unique, I'm sure) about an entire museum dedicated to a single, still-living artist. I think I prefer Tacoma's Museum of Glass a little more, if only because it's more about an art form than about an individual. But the work is still amazing.

We decided against the Space Needle - too expensive, too crowded, and too much remodeling going on. I guess we should come back in a year or two and check out the finished product - complete with a glass floor, I understand. We will also need to come back some time and go to the Museum of Pop Culture (the "old' Experience Music Project) - another museum largely associated with a single individual - although in this case, a patron, not an artist.

I still remember the amusement arcade that sat here beneath the Space Needle, complete with its mini-golf course. Remember the elephant with the martini glass? Or am I imagining that?

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