Saturday, July 15, 2017

North Cascades Loop

My basic rule is that each post should be about a place - a fairly specific place. So I'm stretching this one to include a larger geography.

Given that I was already in the mountains, that it wasn't even noon yet, and that the only reason to come home wasn't at home this weekend, I decided to head east from Stevens Pass. I picked up lunch at EZ Burger in Wenatchee - I walked up to the window instead of driving through. Then crossed the river and climbed up toward Badger Mountain, glad for my air conditioning and glad that I wasn't riding the bike. The temperature dropped from the high 90s at the river to the high 80s up on the plateau. From there it was north, back down to the river and on to the Methow. I bought coffee in Twisp. I bought Gatorade and chips (and a t-shirt) at the Mazama Store.

Climbing toward Washington Pass, I bookmarked the road for a future bike ride. What a gorgeous late afternoon - and the first time I'd driven over the North Cascades in many years, let alone east to west.

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