Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Lake Union

We were trying to figure out if we had ever come here to Ivar's without guests in tow. I suspect we did end up here for dinner with D a few times over the years, but usually this was our go-to place when visitors were in town and the weather was nice. Depending on the visitors and the occasion, we might end up eating inside the Salmon House, but usually we were eating on the barge, watching the University Bridge go up and down for sailboats and big yachts.

This place is always noisy, with I-5 up above, but the place still maintains sort of an iconic status. I'm not sure what goes on these days in the old boathouse next door (no pictures). For decades it was where the Pocock's built rowing shells and then later it became Dal Chihuly's studio, but I'm not sure what happens there now.

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