Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Yeo Point

I try to find at least a few new places on Salt Spring to visit every year. This year I got to Yeo Point, at the north end of Ruckle Park. You can hike in from the main entrance to the park, but there is also a wonderful little trail from Meyer Road. Someone has invested a lot of time into creating a garden of strange creatures and rock sculptures along the way - tree trunks with eyes, animals built of rock and wood, dragons, and a miscellany of other features (many of which I suspect I walked right past without knowing).

Yeo Point is a small rocky headland from which you can see Ganges way up the harbor to the north and the Swartz Bay ferry traffic passing in the distance to the south.  There's a nice gravel beach just south - I'll post some more pictures of it on the other blog in a few days.

Yeo Point is one of those places I might not have known about except that I had seen paintings and photographs of it in town many times and finally figured out where it was.

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