Saturday, September 20, 2014

Thompson Falls

We're off on another road trip to Minnesota, for the fourth and final time. Sort of. I'll probably drive back again next June to help pack up D's stuff. And I'm sure we'll do this trip again - but not with the same destination.

Every year it gets harder to find a new and different route and this trip certainly repeats some old territory, but we'll also fill in a few more gaps on the map.

We had every night of the trip reserved in advance - which is always a trade-off between certainty and spontaneity. Our first night was in Thompson Falls, Montana.

I got up early and drove up the Clark Fork ten miles or so to watch the sun spill over the hills and into the valley. Then came back to the falls, just below our motel, where I wandered across to the falls. Water levels are low so there wasn't a lot of excitement and the dam sort of diminishes the splendor of the falls anyway, but still a beautiful morning.

We had breakfast at Minnie's, then headed off to Missoula via a route that let me ponder the big Lake Missoula floods.

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