Wednesday, June 27, 2012


D wrapped up his final and his computer project, I got back from Red Wing, we had lunch together, and then we spent a frenzied afternoon cleaning up the year's debris from the floor of his half of the dorm room.  I learned where the laundromat in Northfield was and commuted back and forth before stuffing bedding into card board boxes for the summer.  He returned his key and got checked out.  We hit the road and made it to Fargo by late evening.

Our trip back from Minnesota wasn't exactly direct, but it was definitely faster than my solo eastward journey.  Straight across I-94 in North Dakota, past the giant bison, past the giant heifer, and past the giant Geese in Flight on the Enchanted Highway.  Then I gave D a tour of Dickinson - the Queen City Motel, where I lived with the doodlebugging crew for three weeks in 1980.  Past the apartment where I spent much of 1982.  Past Dickinson State where I took my GREs.

We ended up camping along the Little Missouri north of Medora in Theodore Roosevelt NP.  Turns out this campground was underwater a year ago this time. We had breakfast the next morning at the Roughrider Hotel in town.

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